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From grow room to hand manicured buds, quality, and cleanliness is the top priority for each botanical.



Industry-leading lab practices paired with ONLY High Grade grown cannabis for all of our concentrate production.



From hand-selecting eighths to fulfilling all packaging in-house, each step is done with consistency and the highest standards.


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At High Grade we are dedicated to perfecting our cultivation and extraction methods while staying customer centered and product focused. We produce premium grade flower and extracts, ensuring environmental controls are set to optimal levels in a manner that produces only the cleanest, most potent, terpene rich Cannabis in all its forms.

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    High Grade produces premium grade flower and extracts, ensuring environmental controls are set to optimal levels in a manner that produces only the cleanest, most potent, terpene rich Cannabis in all its forms


    At High Grade, we Cultivate the highest quality, expertly trimmed & cured Cannabis.


    High Grade has been able to consistently manufacture a variety of Top Shelf derivative products, including both solvent and solvent less offerings.


    Our Cartridges and Applicators are filled with 95%+ Cannabis oil extracted from premium, indoor Cannabis.

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    Happy Thanksgiving from High Grade.

    It’s amazing to watch Thanksgiving cross over so well with stoner culture, bringing cannabis more into the mainstream as a family affair. We hope you enjoyed a good case of the munchies with your loved ones today.

    We’re thankful to always help you #ElevateHigher

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    It’s time for November’s second installment of #GuessThatWeightWednesday 🔊

    Let’s first give a shout out to our most recent winner. We showed off 202 grams of AMF OG Budder! @tripping.on.eachother was just 1g off with a solid guess of 203 grams! Congrats on using your cognitive cannabis skills! 👑
    DM @wearehighgradestreetteam to collect your prize!

    Who can guess the correct weight this week?

    We’re highlighting another concentrate, Live Resin Batter, made from Fresh Frozen flower which retains more terpenes and cannabinoids for a more robust user experience. Batter is a staff favorite for it’s hand whipped consistency. Now, work in our Rozay, a cross of Purple Bomb and Sunset Sherbet, and it’s a true dabber’s delight.

    Drop your guess in the comments ⬇️!

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 🦃 #ElevateHigher

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    Dabs on Demand…. Daytrippers are back and are NOW RECHARGEABLE.

    These carts are here to help you carry a low-temp-dab experience around in your pocket.

    These are crafted to stay authentic to the strains that they’re derived from while providing an entourage effect unlike any other disposable…. filled with pure, strain specific, terpene extract.

    #ElevateHigher and learn more about HG Daytrippers at a dispensary near you.

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    Today we show our solidarity in support of all veterans. The future holds so much promise for how we elevate the care of those who have served our country. Our cannabis industry at large stands as a prime example of the very democracy so many have sacrificed so much for.  We are proud to be purveyors of something  that itself will serve our veteran communities in bigger and better ways to come. A special shout out as well to all the veterans of the ongoing war on drugs. May all wounds heal and may any scars left behind be reminders of where we came from. 

    Sending a sweet salute to all who have served! Happy Veterans Day🇺🇸

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    Everyone’s favorite mid-week contest is finally back!

    The last #GTWW photo was a while back and showcased 257 grams of Big Mac sugar wax! We are excited to roll these out twice a month with new prizes and copious amounts of the sweet sensi, in many forms.

    To kick off the revival of #GuessThatWeightWednesday, feast your eyes on this monstrous mound of AMF OG budder. 

    Our AMF OG (crossed between Obama Kush x Skywalker OG) is a deep indica strain only grown in AZ by yours truly. It’s best known for its sweet piney flavor and overall physically sedating effects due to rich terpene content like linalool. This strain has been said to have a knack for attacking areas of pain/stress, giving major munchies, and then knocking you out for the night! 

    If you think your eyes (& stoner brain) have what it takes, comment below to guess the weight of this gorgeous slab of AMF OG budder for a chance to win a special prize to the closest answer! Good luck & check back next time to see the winner of this week’s #GTWW💥 #ElevateHigher

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