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Resinate Recycling: May 2021 Impact Update

Resinate Recycling: May 2021 Impact Update

May 2021 Recycling Update   by Garret Schwartz   We have record-breaking updates and good news about rewards for people who shop at any of our High-Grade-sponsored Energy Pod locations.   You might know about Resinate Recycling for the cannabis community and our packaging recycling partnership with High Grade AZ and Oasis Cannabis, but did…

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Resinate: A Greener Industry Ahead

Resinate: A Greener Industry Ahead

Small Recycling Options For Large Packaging Waste As Arizonans continue to gain access to legal cannabis, we face a universal byproduct of the industry: packaging waste. Like other consumable products, cannabis comes in disposable packaging. These small pieces of packaging are usually made from recyclable materials, but no viable route can recycle them. Why? The…

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Shout out to @devindude420 for coming through last night. Had the whole crowd off the @highgrade.usa 💨💨💨 ...

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As we get ready for fireworks this year, we hope you all are staying elevated and enjoying all the vibes. Happy 4th from the High Grade fam! ...

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We felt the need to bless your feed 😇. Here’s our 99.9% THCA crystals AKA Diamonds.

Comment below if you prefer more sauce to diamond, or diamond to sauce.


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IYKYK. Batter is an ultra terpene rich consistency and this Collie Walker (Skywalker X Collie’s OG) brings its best sativa attributes from rig to tastebuds.

Terpenes are arguably the most compounds next to cannabinoids that carry over from flower to concentrate after the extraction process. Impress your Budtender and ask about the terps on your next visit. Happy #TerpeneTuesday!

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to @nirvanacenter_az on 75th Ave‼️🥳

We are happy to be a part of the Nirvana family and can’t wait to kick off your anniversary with you!

Come celebrate with our @highgradeazstreetteam today and tomorrow on - site from 5pm-8pm 🎉

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