Product Focus

A deeper dive into specific High Grade products and the process behind them.

Live Resins: Maximum Vibrance in Taste and Effects

Live Resins: Maximum Vibrance in Taste and Effects

Born From Fresh Frozen Cannabis We all know the power of freshness. Whether it’s the taste profiles from using only fresh ingredients in foods or drinks or the feeling you have putting on a fresh pair of new shoes.  The difference is supreme. The same is true in the world of cannabis. Our Live Resins…

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Concentrate Consistencies

Concentrate Consistencies

Solvent Based Extractions allow us to produce a plethora of connoisseur level concentrates, each crafted for their own unique ability to express each strain’s unique terpene profile. We pair ONLY High Grade grown flower with industry-leading lab practices and use state of the art equipment to produce many different forms of extracts. Here is a…

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