Current Strain List

Our Current Cannabis Strains in Rotation

At High Grade Headquarters, we have a variety of cannabis genetics in various stages throughout our Soil-To-Oil process.  This can be upwards of 40 strains under our roof, each uniquely selected for its specific attributes and properties. Typically, a little more than half of these chemovars are in production, meaning they have passed a phenotyping and review period where specific criteria has been met to make the strain ready for sale. The goal is always to maintain the HIGHEST standards for each strain. This selection process is critically important. Here you see a current list of our stains out in the marketplace but what are the criteria for each one to make it to big show?

Flavor, Potency, & Structure.

The major criteria for a High Grade grown strain to make into a regular flowering rotation breaks down to flavor, potency, & structure. While there are more minute details under each of these categories, we aim to test the compositions of each strain to guarantee the best-finished product for consumption. This means diving into terpene profiles to make sure each strain smells and tastes true to its genetics. It also means reviewing many third-party lab results to ensure the cannabinoid content is at optimal levels of THC and others. The overall bud structure is another exciting piece of this selection process.  Each strain has its own unique preferences of growing environments. We make sure the genetics are displayed with the best bud structure possible.

Constant Hunting

Variety has been said to be the spice of life and that holds true for any cannabis connoisseur. That is why we are constantly adding new genetics to explore their possibilities and letting go of the strains that begin to underperform.

Reach out to us on social media and request the strains you would like to see us hunt down and investigate. It’s always thrilling to see superior growing practices and cultivator expertise applied to many different cannabis chemovars. We are always on the lookout to certify strains 100% High Grade fire.

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