Hellraiser OG Strain Story

Hellraiser OG

It is October and that means it is time to get in that spooky Halloween spirit. And, what better way to do just that than with some Hellraiser OG! Hellraiser OG was first created by Archive Seed Bank and is a 60%/40% Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between Fire OG x Face Off OG. While Hellraiser may sound spooky by name, its incredible effects are anything but spooky!

Hellraiser OG’s Characteristics

Hellraiser OG is a potent and fragrant strain that has round, leafy, crystal-coated buds. Frosted in trichomes and bright orange hairs, Hellraiser OG from High Grade AZ has a delicious lemon and pine aroma and flavor with sour notes as well. The sour and lemon notes tend to be the first notes experienced and then as it is smoked the pine and earthy notes begin to come out. Hellraiser’s flavor is very popular but even more popular are it’s strong heady effects.

Hellraiser OG’s General Effects

Hellraiser OG is not only beloved for its aroma and flavor but for its powerful effects as well. It is a nicely balanced strain that is great for both day and night. A happy and focused euphoria sets in very quickly. You will feel energized by your happiness and feel like you can conquer the world with your laser-like focus! If you need to do creative work this is the strain for you because it boosts creativity and then drives focus and motivation. Once your happy euphoria settles into your body you will feel relaxed, talkative, giggly, and maybe even a little hungry.

Hellraiser OG’s Medical Effects

In addition to these great effects, there are medicinal benefits that are ideally suited for certain conditions. Hellraiser OG is a popular strain to treat medical conditions including stress, depression, fatigue, pain, loss of appetite, and headaches. Hellraiser tends to be a strain that gives you an all-around positive experience that starts with happiness and energy and settles into relaxation and relief. Enjoy the amazing effects and experience of Hellraiser OG from High Grade AZ day or night!

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Happy Thanksgiving from High Grade.

It’s amazing to watch Thanksgiving cross over so well with stoner culture, bringing cannabis more into the mainstream as a family affair. We hope you enjoyed a good case of the munchies with your loved ones today.

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It’s time for November’s second installment of #GuessThatWeightWednesday 🔊

Let’s first give a shout out to our most recent winner. We showed off 202 grams of AMF OG Budder! @tripping.on.eachother was just 1g off with a solid guess of 203 grams! Congrats on using your cognitive cannabis skills! 👑
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Who can guess the correct weight this week?

We’re highlighting another concentrate, Live Resin Batter, made from Fresh Frozen flower which retains more terpenes and cannabinoids for a more robust user experience. Batter is a staff favorite for it’s hand whipped consistency. Now, work in our Rozay, a cross of Purple Bomb and Sunset Sherbet, and it’s a true dabber’s delight.

Drop your guess in the comments ⬇️!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 🦃 #ElevateHigher

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