High-Tech Rigs To Get The Most From High-End Extracts

The Easiest Way To Enjoy The Best Concentrates?

The verdict is in. High-quality cannabis concentrates like Live Resins and specialty extracts not only deliver maximum effects but also bring big-time flavor. There’s no question why true connoisseurs choose these categories.

But what about the millions of new cannabis enthusiasts just coming into the game? With legalization happening across the country, especially here in Arizona with Prop 207 passing in November 2020 and now in full effect, many “newbies” are looking to #ElevateHigher and get the most out of their cannabis experience.

It’s safe to say everyone who has enjoyed cannabis is accustomed to flower in some form but often times branching out can be intimidating for those looking to get into extractions. There are many different co

ncentrate consistencies (see our post on the differences) now offered to the average consumer. Where to begin?

Starting out with an extract like crumble can be a great place to start exploring for a couple of reasons. Mainly, it is easy to work with and it doesn’t require any new equipment, easily added to joints, bowls, blunts, etc. But there are now a major number of great options that new consumers need not shy away from.

So how about the REALLY GOOD STUFF… The truth is, you can purchase the fanciest, most flavorful, and potent extracts available but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will experience everything they have to offer. That’s why pairing the highest level concentrates with new tech is the easiest way to get the most out of your concentrates. No torches, or crazy equipment required. Enter electronic rigs, especially the Puffco Peak.

E-Rigs Changing The Game

Cannabis is experiencing a renaissance not just in consumable products themselves, but also in all the ancillary goods that go along with them. In the past, dabbing (slang for vaporizing concentrates) has been centered around torches, glass rigs, and quartz-crystal accessories. Today, it’s a whole new world.

Electronic devices first started complimenting dabbing in tools like E-Nails and precision thermometers. The devices allowed concentrate enthusiasts the ability to control temperatures down to the exact degree. This is hugely important!

Vaporizing temperatures are different for the different compounds found in cannabis concentrates. A general rule of thumb can be laid out as simply as the hotter the dab the more clouds and faster effects. The lower the dab the more flavor and tapered effects. The range can be anywhere from 315°F (157°C) to  900°F + (482°C +) which comes down to personal preference for the desired effect.

Two of the main things we are after in cannabis are cannabinoids and terpenes.  These compounds have varying boiling points across their different variations. Check out our education page for more information.

Today, electronics have become more and more integrated with cannabis equipment. The consumer now has their choice of different electronic devices that make using concentrates much more simple and provide the ability to precisely control temperatures with the click of a button.

Live Resins, Diamonds, and Baller Jars.

The creme-de-la-creme of extracts currently comes in the form of unique solventless and solvent consistencies like Rosins,  Live Resins, and Diamonds & Sauce. We are going to help you pair the best and easiest to use equipment with the best quality extracts on the market today.

Live Resins come from Fresh Frozen cannabis. When cannabis has flowered to maturity and is ready for harvest, we chop down each botanical and immediately flash freeze the flower on the stalk. It is held frozen until it is brought into the lab for extraction. This process allows more preservation of all the wonderful compounds mentioned earlier, cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

Diamonds & Sauce is one of the highest-end cannabis concentrates on the market today. “Diamonds” is a slang term for THCA crystalline, which are molecular structures that form in liquid “sauce”. Sauce is a terpene-rich liquid extract that is put under specific temperatures and pressure, creating the environment for the THCA diamonds to form. Both the sauce and the diamonds are reunited strain-specifically to bring the best in both flavor and potency.

Baller Jars were born with the connoisseur in mind. Who doesn’t want more of the best? Live Resins and Diamond Sauce are packaged in 1/8ths (3.5g) luminescent jars.

The Puffco Gift Pack Giveaway

Puffco has become a leader in e-rigs and it’s no surprise why. They are constantly innovating their portable vaporizers, adding features like colored temperature control, haptic feedback, and fast charging capabilities.

It is their main focus of the cannabis enthusiast that aligns us with Puffco and the reason why we selected their Puffco Peak as a partner for our gift pack giveaway. Experience a high-quality, portable rig that makes great concentrates easily accessible for any level dabber. No torch required.

The central theme of these giveaways is to highlight and pair the highest-end concentrates with the highest-end equipment to get the most out of both. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone new to enjoy the best in cannabis extracts and we want to highlight that with this gift pack.  The combo includes a new Puffco Peak and a Baller Jar of Diamonds and Sauce.

Reach out to us or check out our events and specials page to find out where you can win yours this month!

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