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Hard Candy Mix Bag 100 MG 🔥



White Tahoe Cookies Pre-Pack 3.5G 🔥
Grease Monkey Pre-Pack 3.5G 🔥
Hemlock Pre-Pack 3.5G 🔥
Zookies Pre-Pack 3.5G 🔥
Clementine Pre-Pack 3.5G 🔥
Headband Haze Pre-Pack 3.5G 🔥



Headband Haze Budder 1G 🔥
Clementine Sugar Wax 1G 🔥
Hemlock Budder 1G 🔥
Grease Monkey Live Resin Batter 1G 🔥
Orange Apricot x Mac Sugar Wax 1G 🔥
Sweet Pink Grapefruit Live Resin Sugar Wax 1G 🔥
Sour Larry Lime Pebbles Live Resin Batter 1G 🔥
Wookies OG Live Resin Batter 1G 🔥

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Welcome to Elevated Astrology. Toke up and travel the Zodiac with us as we see how the stars and strains align. ...

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Don't let the Holiday Hangover get you down! Visit our website and sign up for our weekly newsletter for updates and to find out where the @wearehighgradeazstreetteam will be each day! ...

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We all know the recipe. Over eating, over drinking, over dabbing (lol jk on that one), and not enough sleep or exercise makes for an epic Holiday Hangover. But fear not! High Grade and some of our favorite dispensary partners have what you need to start 2022 off right!
Look out for special offerings for the first few weeks of the New Year beginning this weekend with @nirvanacenter_az and @green.pharms!
Don't get caught feeling like you got run over by a reindeer…. #ElevateHigher and check out our website for more details. Link in Bio.

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Thank you to everyone who donated to our toy drive!

On Christmas Eve, we were able to hand out 68 toys to local kids in need. We can't wait to do it again!

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