Resinate Recycling March 2022 Updates

Resinate Recycling: Upgrades, Events, and Endless Innovation


A few things have changed about the recycling and rewards partnership since the beginning, and Resinate and High Grade are working on some exciting system upgrades and other collaborative plans for the near future. 



If you’ve seen the Energy Pods at High Grade’s sponsored recycling locations lately, you might notice the features change soon. In addition to an upgraded appearance, we’re going to install Version 3 of the Energy Pod soon in all our recycling locations. This new version will offer an even simpler, easier recycling process for cannabis packaging. That means one button (a big, red one) instead of two buttons, plus a simple slot that makes it easy to insert any size mylar bag or exit bag. 



We’re also working on a few things to spice up rewards incentives for recyclers – like monthly or weekly drawings to win a free Twisted Tray. Speaking of Twisted Trays, if you like High Grade’s black and gold style, you might love something new we’re working on exclusively between High Grade and Resinate: a black and gold Twisted Tray. The colors in the tray come from recycled black and gold cannabis containers, including High Grade preroll tubes. The marbling of the two colors creates a smokey contrast that’s simply captivating. These are coming soon exclusively on the High Grade Headquarters Shop.


One of the biggest events of the year is this month on March 12th and 13th: Errl Cup and Errl Wars 2022! Previously, Garret from Resinate has come out with us to represent Resinate and help out at the table, but this time Resinate will be out in full force. They’ll provide an educational seminar about cannabis packaging at the new speaker’s series and answer questions. While High Grade’s dab bar is making people smile, Resinate will be next door with a table full of Twisted Trays, swag, “try me” tools and trays, and the Energy Pod with extra raffles and coupons just for people who recycle at the event and enter into the rewards program. After you spin the wheel or play Plinko for a prize at the High Grade table, you can stop by Resinate’s Energy Pod to scan the QR code for rewards, recycle in the pods, see the Twisted Trays, and learn more about recycling.


Watch for more collaborative content from Resinate and High Grade here and on our social media channels @wearehighgradeaz and @wecanresinate, and please let us know if you have any questions about what we do or ideas for what we could do next. We’re currently working on instructional videos to explain exactly what, where, and how to recycle your plastic cannabis packaging with Resinate and get rewards from High Grade at our partnered locations.

One big question we receive: do you recycle glass? Here’s our big, complicated answer: not yet. We plan to begin accepting glass, paper and metal cannabis packaging soon, possibly by the end of the year. Unfortunately, with most city recycling systems, these small items have the same issue as the small plastics we currently recycle: in most city recycling systems, they are filtered out as contamination and hauled to landfill. But we can make a huge impact on these other materials just like we’re beginning to do with plastic packaging. Resinate’s recycling and rewards systems continue to be used by more people, and we’d love to drive that trend by innovating endlessly and always bringing more to the table than people expect.

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High Grade is honored and proud to support our friend Sammey Jo in her efforts to raise money and awareness for the LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). Sammy's passionate drive to give back to the community is one that we admire as it is infectious and inspiring. We would love for you to click the link in our bio to learn more about the LLS and the amazing contributions Sammy and her team are making. 

If you have a story to share about how the plant has helped with symptom relief with Leukemia or Lymphoma please share it below! You never know who might read your story and be inspired!!
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