Resinate Recycling: May 2021 Impact Update

May 2021 Recycling Update


by Garret Schwartz


We have record-breaking updates and good news about rewards for people who shop at any of our High-Grade-sponsored Energy Pod locations.


You might know about Resinate Recycling for the cannabis community and our packaging recycling partnership with High Grade AZ and Oasis Cannabis, but did know that four times per year, you could win a bundle of the full line of High Grade products if you recycle (and follow the Recycle Rewards steps) at any Oasis Cannabis location?? That’s the High Grade/Resinate Seasonal Giveaway, which comes in addition to the monthly coupons sent to all Oasis recyclers for 20%-off select High Grade products. If you didn’t know, now you know, and you have at least one more good reason to recycle your plastic cannabis packaging!


Also, did you see those numbers lately? I’m not talking about Devin Booker’s stats on the court, (although these last few games were incredible). I’m talking about the impressive numbers of people and recyclables coming to fuel the mission at the Energy Pod!


In May 2021 alone, High Grade and Resinate recycled 59 lbs of plastic, including joint tubes, pop-top containers, exit bags, and other plastic cannabis packaging that otherwise would have literally fallen through the cracks and gone into landfills even if people recycled them in traditional recycling systems. That means people brought in about 3,000 containers to recycle at these locations. This action not only displaces energy that would have been used to produce new plastics in the future, but also saves space and energy that would be used to landfill these

 items today.

In other words, the people who recycled at Oasis last month helped save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 147 days or to charge your smartphone for 106 years. Thank you recyclers- your enthusiasm and effort will help us all #FuelTheMission and #ElevateHigher!

You might have wondered what happens to all this plastic. Resinate brings some of it to a local recycler who diverts it into long-term use products, but we use much of it to locally produce useful and artistic products, such as the little stash jar, which we made from 100% recycled cannabis packaging. There are many types of plastic used in the industry, and fortunately, we’re able to safely and effectively use one type (#5/polypropylene) which is very common at dispensaries in Arizona and around the world. Have you seen those little, plastic squeeze-top containers used for cannabis flower? Each one of the little stash jars we make is composed of about 6 of those little containers. That means the little stash jar is a strong, UV-blocking container that keeps your goodies inside while keeping your cannabis packaging out of landfills and ecosystems. These are limited, so take a look at them soon before the reproduct line evolves.


Looking to change the way you change the world? Learn more about recycling in Phoenix here and here, and if you don’t have access to recycling at home, consider this.


Look out next month for another update on Recycling, rewards, and what’s coming next. If you have questions about recycling or packaging, ideas for a future blog post, or if there’s some way we can help solve a problem or make things better, let us know at or DM us on Instagram.

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