Top 6 Biggest Benefits That Cannabis Offers Women

Like many things in life, cannabis is largely centered around females.  Any cultivator or high level enthusiast will tell how important identifying female botanicals are when growing the best possible flower. Males = seeds LOL.

Excited woman waiting for mom to open the gift

Beyond the nuances of growing or extracting, consumption is what it’s all about. While cannabis offers benefits to all humans (and most mammals) women particularly have been underserved during prohibition.  With access and education being safer and more abundant than ever, millions are coming to find improvements to their quality of life through the sweet-sensi.

Check out this list of the top 6 benefits cannabis can offer women.

1) Chronic Pain

  • Full Spectrum Oils like RSO has been cited as staples of pain relief and anti-inflammation by countless women
  • High Potency strains and extracts like Diamonds & Sauce are the ultimate in relief, delivery strong doses of THC
  • Indica strains have been said to show the strongest results in the body, vs the very cerebral effects of sativa’s

2) Mental Health

  • A recent study found that cannabis in low measured doses may be an adequate anti-depressant with out the negative effects that come along with many pharmaceutical treatments
  • Cannabis promotes introspection and reflection making it an ally for any therapeutic and personal work
  • Reconciling trauma can be assisted with Cannabis as a “mental lubricant”  under the guidance of trained professionals
  • Unique terpene profiles can promote stress and anxiety relief

3) Skincare

  • Topical’s harness the power of cannabinoids and cannabis’s fatty acids that hydrates and soothes damaged skin
  • Hempseed oil has been praised for the same delivery of these fatty acids and compounds and is being studied for eczema and psoriasis treatment
  • CBD has gotten high praise for its rejuvenating properties as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

4) Recovery

  • Women train as hard, if not harder then men, and cannabis is being established as key part in rest and recovery. Indicas are used for a good nights sleep while hybrids wind the body down after intense activity.
  • After a night out with the girls and vino, cannabis has been a legendary hangover cure

5) Aphrodisiac

  • Cannabis amplifies sensory sensitivity, need more be said? Many find cannabis before sex is a beautiful conduit to the experience.
  • Lust, desire, and more intense orgasms have reported by women who pair the many forms of weed with the many form of intimacy
  • “Performance Anxiety” is also said to be alleviated with a little cannabis, allowing both men and women to relax in a deeper manner
  • Dose is key to reap the rewards in this category. “start low, and go slow” is the mantra for newcomers.

6) Menstrual Symptoms

  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms are varied for different women from mild to severe and research suggest cannabis helps with many associated ailments, not to mention the mountains of anecdotal evidence present day and historically.
  • Cannabis has been said to ease nausea, muscle aches, and stomach cramps.
  • Terpenes like limonene and pinene found in many strain can also make an impact on feeling and mood, promoting euphoria and happiness

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